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Union Relations

Our Dallas Union Avoidance Attorneys Can Help You Properly Manage Union Relations.

Proud to be union-free

Can you hope to keep your company union-free? The very question can strike fear in the minds of Texas employers.

Never fear. There is often a way to forestall the seemingly inevitable unionization of workers. Attorneys at Key Harrington Barnes PC have held off 70 union organizing drives. In nearly every circumstance, the union surrendered before a vote was taken or the employer prevailed in a vote by employees.*

We share in our clients' sense of satisfaction over these victories, and with good reason: These managers, supervisors and voting employees, our clients, have done the heavy lifting to prevent unionization. Our law firm has provided employers with the understanding, training, tools and materials they needed to take on unions and win. In the process, they have undertaken healthy overhauls of their workplace systems and environments. In the end, they and their workers are satisfied, and their companies have been effectively immunized from future union organizing.

Workforce that have been at the heart of failed unionization campaigns have included the following: interstate trucking; local pickup and delivery; construction; metal fabrication; textile, plastics, masonry, paper, marine, and automotive parts manufacturing; call centers; recycling; major sports venues; commercial printing; health care; retail; television and radio broadcasting; trade shows and conventions; public transportation; and bottling, among others. Employment law and labor attorneys of Key Harrington Barnes PC have beat campaigns involving white collar voters, blue collar voters, large voting units (2,500 voters), small voting units (5 voters), multiunion and multilocation campaigns, local, statewide, national and even international campaigns, bilingual and multilingual campaigns, and campaigns involving various major ethnic groups. These campaigns have taken place in California, Nevada, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Illinois, New York, Mississippi, Alabama, throughout the state of Texas, the Port Authority in New York City and in rural farming communities in Iowa. Every unionization campaign is unique and each requires a customized approach to stop it in its tracks.

If your company wishes to stay union-free, remember that experience counts. Our satisfied clients tell the truth about our accomplishments. Ask us how to ask them for a recommendation relevant to your company's situation.

Is your company involved in a union organizing drive? Contact a union election attorney at (214) 615-7925.

Preventative Audits

Periodic audits of environmental aspects of your workplace can reveal potential points of vulnerability to union organizing. Vulnerabilities exist even in locations and industries not typically unionized. The AFL-CIO has been addressing its problem of declining membership by recruiting new members in regions and industries that are not traditionally known for unionization. Our labor attorneys have an uncanny ability to identify the early signs of organizing activity. We help employers examine points of weakness while providing simple, cost-effective solutions.

Moreover, the strategies we recommend to immunize your company against union organizing can also lead to a more rewarding work experience, improved morale, increased loyalty, lower turnover and higher productivity. Learn more about preventative audits.

Management Training

Do your supervisors know the legal restrictions on their conduct and statements about unions?

Probably not.

And, yet, the employees they lead will view your supervisors as the face of the company and will look to them as the primary source of information during a union campaign. As in a political campaign, your employees will hear two completely different stories about the union and the vote will come down to credibility. Who will your employees believe? It is essential that your supervisors are armed with the truth about unions and prepared to give confident, accurate and compelling answers to the hard questions posed during organizing campaigns.

Our union avoidance management training is designed to provide your supervisors with the tools and answers necessary to confidently manage and communicate with their employees during a union campaign.

Collective Bargaining

As a result of industry pressure, employee or customer preferences, or other environmental factors, some employers have unions and want it to stay that way. Our attorneys are also experienced in collective bargaining, arbitration of grievances and unfair labor practice litigation.

Unfair Labor Practice Litigation

Our attorneys have handled several hundred unfair labor practice charges before the National Labor Relations Board. The NLRB has rules, standards and procedures that are both unique and unusual. Just because an attorney is an experienced litigator does not mean he or she is prepared to defend your company before the NLRB. Our labor attorneys know the laws, and we know the NLRB agents who enforce them and the procedures they use.

To work with an attorney about preventing union organizing at your company or to learn warning signs of a labor union organizing drive, contact our Dallas labor attorneys at (214) 615-7925.

Representing small to medium-sized employers in all matters of labor, personnel and government relations. Work with Stephen C. Key, a Texas Super Lawyer**.

*You should not rely on the results of our previous cases as an indication of the results you might expect in your case. We cannot guarantee or even accurately predict the results of any case. No two cases are alike and, despite our best efforts, we may not be able to achieve results in your case that are similar to results obtained in the past.

Contact a Dallas Union and Labor Lawyer to Help Fight Unionization

We invite you to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss how our experienced labor law attorneys can assist you with your campaign to curtail unionization efforts and guide you through union organization efforts. Please call us at (214) 615-7925 or fill out our intake form, and we will contact you. We would be pleased and proud to service your business needs.

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