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At Key Harrington Barnes PC, we tell our clients that employers who provide workplace environments shaped by predictable and defined expectations are much less likely to require intervention by lawyers, labor unions or government agencies. Employees in such settings thrive through recognition and rewards for accomplishments coupled with trustworthy and knowledgeable supervision. Our employment law attorneys work directly with managers and human resources personnel to provide comprehensive training on all aspects of personnel management and employment law in order to provide your management team with the tools it needs to effectively and lawfully manage your workforce.

An Ounce Of Training Is Worth A Ton Of Litigation

Our employment law attorneys can provide you with training on virtually any topic relevant to employment law or effective personnel management. We can provide anything from low-cost, off-the-shelf topical presentations on popular topics to more focused training tailored specifically to your organizational needs and environment.

Live Training

Our employment law attorneys can offer half-day or full-day live training at your location on topics such as these:

  • Summary of human resources law: This is a concise yet comprehensive program designed to provide your supervisors and HR personnel with basic familiarity with the framework of laws governing their conduct. This program is not designed to arm your supervisors with the ability to handle every problem; but to provide them with the ability to know when they have a problem. If your managers have never participated in employment law training, this program is a must.
  • Harassment: This program is designed to provide your supervisors with the tools necessary to identify and respond to all forms of unlawful harassment, including sexual harassment. Under current federal law, harassment training is not only helpful, it is required. This is our most popular program.
  • Top 10 mistakes supervisors make: Our attorneys have spent their entire careers putting out fires often started by supervisors. This program reflects the "best of what we've learned as firemen." It is highly entertaining and remarkably educational. Attendees frequently review this program as "the best management training program ever."
  • Top 10 mistakes small employers make: This is a modified version of the "Mistakes Supervisors Make," but geared toward an audience of small- to medium-sized business owners. Rather than blandly summarizing the law, this program covers a broad range of important legal and management topics using powerful, provocative and sometimes humorous real-world scenarios to help business owners identify and solve the most popular personnel management problems. Stephen C. Key has presented this program to human resources professionals and at dozens of trade association conventions, and the program is frequently rated as the "best of the conference" by attendees.
  • Staying union-free: During a union organizing drive, your supervisors will play a critical role in leading and educating your workforce. Are they prepared? Do you know if you are vulnerable to union organizing? Can you spot the warning signs? Do your supervisors know how to engage your workforce in meaningful, credible conversations about unions without breaking the law? Are you prepared for organizational picketing? This robust and riveting program will not only provide your management team with the ability to identify areas of vulnerability and the warning signs of organizing activity, but it will also arm them with the tools they need to effectively, confidently and lawfully lead your workforce through a successful counter campaign. In order for this program to be effective, we highly recommend a preliminary audit to determine your management culture, workforce environment and organizational needs.
  • Effective recognition and discipline: To be successful, you need to attract and retain quality employees. It is a tragically popular belief that quality employees are primarily attracted to pay and benefits. While competitive pay packages are certainly important, what quality employees really want is "justice," vis-a-vis defined expectations, predictable discipline and recognition for accomplishment. Tolerating the "deadwood" is neither compassionate nor prudent. If your managers are passive when it comes to recognition and discipline, not only will your undesirable employees never leave, but your quality employees will leave. Moreover, organizational disciplinary history is the battlefield upon which most employment litigation is won or lost. This program will arm your supervisors with the ability and motivation to not only effectively, consistently and lawfully discipline your workforce, but also to identify and recognize superior performance.

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