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The Importance of Hiring the Right Employees

On behalf of Darren Harrington

When hiring new employees, employers should consider many factors, including how those employees will fit in with and contribute to the company culture.

The need to hire one new employee or many new employees can arise at any time and for many reasons. Business owners and leaders in Dallas, Fort Worth and the surrounding areas know that the process of recruiting and hiring good people can be time consuming and costly. However, the process is of vital importance.

The quality of employees does more than simply ensuring a company has enough bodies to handle the work. It can also have a direct impact on a company's culture - and a company's financial worth. While there is no way to ensure that every new hire will work out perfectly, there are some steps employers can take to improve their chances of a good match.

Focus on the Person

Business News Daily discusses the importance of what it calls a candidate's "social intelligence." This refers essentially to how well a person interacts with others. It can even involve adjusting styles for different situations. While certainly employers need to make sure that candidates have appropriate job qualifications it is more important to focus on personality. Companies can train employees on skills but they cannot teach employees how to get new personalities.

It is also important to ensure that a personality matches not just the company, but the job. Different functions require different types of people and this match can also contribute to long-term success.

The Ability to Learn

Job responsibilities and tasks often change with the development of new technology and processes. When employers are considering candidates, one thing they should evaluate is how well the person learns new things. For example, candidates that have a degree in a specific field may be more able to adapt with the company than candidates with a different major.

Use Probing Questions

One way to get a view of someone's personality is to be ready to probe further when certain responses to interview questions are given. For example, Forbes suggests that interviewers be on the lookout for any response that essentially passes the responsibility for something unpleasant to another person. This can often happen when a candidate is asked about their reasons for leaving another job and the answer indicates that it was because of a coworker or a manager. At this point, employers should take the opportunity to pose other questions to which finger pointing could be part or all of the answer. If a pattern emerges, smart employers should heed this as a warning sign.

Taking the Big Picture View

Companies of all sizes can experience the challenges of hiring the wrong employee. Business people in Texas who want to improve the outcomes of their recruitment processes should get input from a business attorney. Understanding some of the legal ramifications of hiring and getting additional input can be beneficial in the overall process.

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