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Tennessee Union Avoidance

If Your Tennessee Company Needs a Union Avoidance Campaign Our Lawyers Can Help

As closed shop companies move south to nonunion areas, labor unions are following. Manufacturing has made a shift to right-to-work states to lower labor costs. Unions are finding ways of dealing with the laws surrounding union contracts and have invaded areas that are traditionally firm against being organized. Your company, your employees and your bottom line are at risk if a labor union finds a reason to move in.

The attorneys of Key Harrington Barnes PC can help you create and conduct a union avoidance campaign for your Tennessee business. Currently, we have been successful in preventing union elections in 99 out of 100 campaigns we have conducted across the country. We collaborate with nationwide network of employment law firms to comply with state and local laws so your campaign is legitimate. Our firm's mission is to help employers create a healthy work environment for their employees who help the company grow and thrive through their increased productivity.

Controlling Labor Union Creep

As the demographics of the south have changed, union organizers have found the area fertile for unionization. Gone are the days of the self-made independent worker who does not want collective bargaining rights. Now unions are taking advantage of disgruntled employees to find a new stronghold to compensate for losing their traditional areas of operation.

Unions thrive on problems between you and your employees. Our method of union avoidance takes this into account. Our lawyers do more than just launch a union avoidance campaign to educate your employees about the harm that can come to them and to the company if they unionize. We also search for the root of the problem and help you find ways to rectify it so your company ceases to be a target for unionization. Our firm has significant experience in employee relations, and we will help you create a place where your workers want to support you and your business.

Everyone at Your Company Benefits When Union Elections are Prevented

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