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Protecting Confidential Company Information

Confidential Company Information Must Be Protected

Your company in Texas, Florida or elsewhere originated, and remains strong, because of an essential core value that your customers need, want and pay for. Demand for products or services that you provide fuels your drive for excellence.

Your Way of Doing Business is a Core Asset of Your Company

No matter how stellar your offerings are, your competitive edge in today's crowded marketplace does not consist only of investment capital or the products or services that you offer to your customers. It is your way of doing business that protects your corner in the marketplace. Your business's assets include intellectual property, sales lead contact lists and marketing methods, to name a few.

Every company needs to be proactive about protecting proprietary information, including trade secrets, email lists and more. Employees must be made aware, through nondisclosure agreements and training, of the importance of keeping business information private. A company's strength depends on respect for confidentiality.

Owners and managers of businesses in Texas and other regional states are welcome to consult with Key Harrington Barnes PC in Dallas for customized advice and direction regarding protection of intangible assets. Contact us to learn how we can help you prevent or respond to theft of confidential company information by current or past employees or partners.

Contact a Texas Lawyer for Guidance on Protecting Trade Secrets and More

Key Harrington Barnes PC is a valuable source of information for employers seeking to protect confidential company information. If possible, take precautions before loss of valuable company secrets occurs. However, if a breach of confidentiality has already taken place, our law firm can help. Call our Dallas law offices at (214) 615-7925 or fill out our intake form to request a consultation with one of our employment law attorneys at your earliest convenience.

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