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Preventative Self-Audits

An Essential Part of Our Five-Step Approach

Every company has its vulnerable points. At Key Harrington Barnes PC, our employment law attorneys use a five-step approach to strengthen employee relations, identify vulnerabilities and avoid litigation. A self-audit helps identify strengths and weaknesses of a business organization in areas such as personnel management and employment law. A self-audit will examine topics such as:

  • Job descriptions and expectations for employees
  • Consistent, updated policies and practices
  • Documentation of disciplinary matters by supervisors
  • Required disability accommodations
  • Application and interview processes
  • Anti-harassment policies and reporting procedures
  • Leave policies and the FMLA, ADA, USERRA and FLSA
  • Employee complaints and cost-effective solutions
  • Wage and benefit packages and the FLSA

Discuss the value of our five-step approach and our self-audit process with an experienced Dallas, Texas, labor and employment law audit attorney by calling (214) 615-7925 or emailing us.

Legal Advice Customized to Your Organizational Needs

Your particular needs will dictate our labor and employment law attorneys' recommended audit for your particular business. Some of our most popular self-audits include:

The benefits of being union-free. This program saves our clients money. In this type of audit, a labor attorney will conduct a 20- to 40-minute interview with supervisors to identify (1) areas of exposure, (2) warning signs of union organizing activity, and (3) efficient, cost-effective strategies for protecting vulnerable areas. Our law firm has fine-tuned effective techniques for such audits, resulting in more than 70 successful counter-union campaigns led by our labor attorneys.

Our management training program, Staying Union-Free, incorporates results of the audit to equip supervisors to create workplace environments where employees have predictable and defined expectations, recognition and reward for accomplishment, and trustworthy and knowledgeable supervision. Employees are substantially less likely to seek labor union intervention when these elements are present and strong.

Whether or not union organizing is a genuine risk at your company, our audit can help identify systemic and environmental factors that could cause friction between managers and workers. The lessons and insights from the audit and training provide a solid platform for building a loyal, content and productive workforce.

Wage and hour compliance. The Department of Labor (DOL) estimates that nearly 90 percent of U.S. employers are violating overtime laws in their pay structures. We would estimate that number even higher. Ask about a wage and hour compliance self-audit to help avoid costly penalties that a DOL audit can bring about. Employees may appear completely satisfied with their pay, but it only takes one phone call from a disgruntled employee or a jealous competitor to trigger an audit. Smart business owners take steps to be prepared.

Policies and practices. Personnel policy manuals should be reviewed and updated by an attorney every two to three years or more often. Laws change and so should policies. The handbook serves a dual function as it helps managers train, monitor, discipline and reward employees while providing evidence of the content of training in any potential litigation.

Through a self-audit, we aim to help clients build positive and productive employee relationships and prevent lawsuits. In addition to the self-audit, as part of our five-step approach, we offer training classes addressing issues such as sexual harassment, effective discipline, staying union-free and other Personnel management topics.

If you are interested in a preventative audit for your company, contact our Dallas, Texas, labor and employment law attorneys at (214) 615-7925.

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