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Pensions have become much less common in recent years than they used to be. The majority of pensions on the books face serious financial challenges in years to come. Employers need information and advice on how to handle pensions in executive contracts and other employment agreements. Key Harrington Barnes PC can advise you in pension-related challenges such as the following:

  • Are you, a business owner, approaching negotiations with an employees union related to defined benefits such as pensions? Questions about pensions often come up in multi-employer bargaining contexts involving unions when, for example, one employer has pensioned employees and another does not. Companies with underfunded pension liabilities pose serious fiscal problems that may come to light during bargaining negotiations.
  • Is union management demanding that your company sign an agreement to be bound to the terms of a pension plan for your union employees? Stop and call an employment lawyer before proceeding.
  • Has your company received an audit letter from a pension plan? Talk to an employment law attorney at Key Harrington Barnes PC as you prepare to respond to a request like this. If your company participates in a pension plan that is approaching insolvency, your business may be forced to make tough decisions. Do not go into touchy conversations with auditors regarding pensions without sound legal counsel.
  • Are you a founder of a mom and pop businesspreparing information for new employees about retirement benefits? Consult with an attorney at Key Harrington Barnes PC about how to inform employees of risks associated with pension plans that employees may elect to sign up for.
  • Are you preparing to buy or sell a business, potentially resulting in a pension withdrawal event? You could buy a small business and unwittingly acquire liability for insolvent pension plans without realizing it.

Whatever pension-related issues your business faces, Key Harrington Barnes PC can educate you on how to proceed with caution. Protection of your company's viability is the ultimate goal. Legal counsel at critical junctures can help you prevent unnecessary trouble or help you address trouble that is already present.

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