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Our Fees

Value Billing

Key Harrington Barnes PC was not built by out billing our competitors, but by building a stable, loyal base of satisfied, long-term clients. We are proud to say that we rarely lose clients and have never lost a client over a billing issue. While we are by no means a discount law firm, our bills are always a reflection of the value you receive; nothing more, nothing less.

Each month, after all of the time invested on your case is itemized and plainly described, your bill goes through a thorough review and vetting process to ensure that each matter was completed in a timely, efficient manner and that the amount of the bill is a fair reflection, not of the work done, but the value added to your business. If the answer to any of these questions is "no," the bill is adjusted appropriately. Our goal is to partner with your business for decades, not months, to share in our mutually rewarding success over the long term. We can only succeed if you succeed.

Retainer Billing

Some of our clients prefer a flat, predictable bill each month. For those clients, we offer a fixed-fee monthly retainer package. In exchange, those clients enjoy unlimited access to any of our Dallas labor attorneys, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, we provide retainer clients with free training, an annual handbook and annual policy reviews as well as periodic legal updates. We believe this relationship to be the optimal path toward creating a workplace environment where employees do not feel the need to seek third-party assistance from attorneys, unions or government agencies.

Depending upon the size and particular needs of your organization, the retainer fees range from $700 to $1,500 per month and are reviewed annually. Most of our retainer clients pay less than $1,000 a month and have not had their retainer amount adjusted for several years. Although we do not believe that the retainer package is for everyone, we have never lost a retainer client and have never had a retainer client request to return to hourly billing.

Client Reviews
This multinational employer with over 20 manufacturing and printing plants has looked to Stephen C. Key as its labor attorney for nearly 15 years. Richard Maresh
This leader in the fast-paced trade show industry has relied on Stephen for labor counsel for over 10 years. Randy considers Stephen an "extension of our management team." Randy Pekowski
DAC Vision is a small, North Texas company engaged in manufacturing optical products. It has looked to Stephen C. Key for labor counsel for over 10 years Jane Seaholm
As a business owner, Andy has used many different law firms over the years, but he has "never found one that even came close to Key Harrington Barnes PC." Andy Andreas