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Our Core Values

Key Harrington Barnes PC Attorneys and Counselors: Championing the Rights of Employers

Politicians and bureaucrats are creating new laws and regulations faster than ever before. How can business owners keep up with the legion of legal requirements that it takes to be in full compliance with the law?

Overzealous and remarkably unaccountable government regulators combined with greedy and unscrupulous plaintiffs' attorneys can threaten and intimidate even the most scrupulous, well-meaning employers.

So should an employer or an employment law attorney representing employers be alarmed and just give up?

That is most definitely not our style at Key Harrington Barnes PC, nor is it the preference of the type of clients who choose our law firm to represent them.

We identify ourselves with those brave men who fired the first shots in the Texas Revolution at the Battle of Gonzales. We consider it our solemn duty to stand guard in support and protection of capitalism and liberty. We and our clients may be vastly outnumbered by big government and big labor, but we will not be outgunned. We fight the good fight and are determined to prevail on your behalf so you can focus on your business. Keep working and doing what you do best, while trusting us to guard the walls of freedom and justice.

Our Core Belief

As zealous labor and employment attorneys, we do not encourage our employer clients to roll over and just give up in the face of challenges from lawmakers or excessively complaining employees. However, we understand the value of avoiding conflicts in many cases. Throughout the history of our employer-side employment law firm, we have joined forces with many business owner clients to help them build the rewarding and meaningful workplace environment that Texas employees seek and where they can thrive.

Workers who find predictable and defined expectations, recognition and reward for accomplishment, and trustworthy and knowledgeable supervision are most likely to be satisfied and productive. In such workplaces, employees are substantially less likely to need intervention by lawyers, labor unions or governmental agencies. An ounce of prevention is indeed worth a pound of cure.

Solid Legal Counsel at a Fair Price

We are here to answer your vital legal questions as you look for the right tools to use to train your company's supervisors to lead your employees legally and effectively.

Perhaps you are threatened by a workforce that is on the verge of "going union."

Perhaps a government agency is poised to audit your human resources practices.

Perhaps you are frustrated by confusing or excessive bills from an attorney.

Our law firm is outfitted precisely for a business owner in your situation. As soon as your business hires its 15th employee, reams and reams of laws that apply to "large businesses" with up to 10,000 employees or more suddenly apply to your business, as well. You may wonder why your success and your job-creation capacity reward you with overwhelming quantities of regulatory laws. Calling an attorney may seem like a drastic, expensive measure. In fact, by using our legal services proactively before trouble strikes, you can protect your business very cost-effectively.

Key Harrington Barnes PC is diligent and attentive to all clients, large or small. We purposefully cultivate attorney-client relationships designed to encourage and empower business owners. We will not bill you for asking us if you need an attorney's help with something that you are concerned about within your business. Maximizing our clients' satisfaction is our mission — not maximizing our billing.

Contact an Experienced Texas Labor Lawyer

We offer confidential consultations to business owners. Discuss your labor law, employment law or OSHA matter with an experienced attorney. Call us at (214) 615-7925 to schedule a conversation with a lawyer at Key Harrington Barnes PC or fill out our intake form, and we will get back to you promptly. We are here to fulfill the legal needs of our fellow Texas business owners.

Client Reviews
This multinational employer with over 20 manufacturing and printing plants has looked to Stephen C. Key as its labor attorney for nearly 15 years. Richard Maresh
This leader in the fast-paced trade show industry has relied on Stephen for labor counsel for over 10 years. Randy considers Stephen an "extension of our management team." Randy Pekowski
DAC Vision is a small, North Texas company engaged in manufacturing optical products. It has looked to Stephen C. Key for labor counsel for over 10 years Jane Seaholm
As a business owner, Andy has used many different law firms over the years, but he has "never found one that even came close to Key Harrington Barnes PC." Andy Andreas