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OSHA Defense in Florida

Our Attorneys Offer Exceptional OSHA Defense Representation to Companies in Florida

Even with the primary industries of tourism and agriculture, companies in Florida receive OSHA violation citations on a regular basis. Companies that do not conform to OSHA regulations face steep fines and must alter processes and equipment to meet current safety standards, frequently at considerable cost. If an OSHA citation threatens your business, you need a strong defense to prevent additional expenses that could damage your company.

Key Harrington Barnes PC has been involved in some of the largest OSHA defense cases in the southern half of the country. Our OSHA defense lawyers are among the most experienced and offer representation to companies in Florida facing citations. Our firm is dedicated to helping employers create profitable businesses while making their workplaces safe and enjoyable for their employees.

All Industries Must Comply With OSHA Regulations

Florida is not a manufacturing hub, but it still has a great many industries that require compliance with OSHA regulations. Tourism's many facets, including entertainment, transportation and hotels, must provide safe workplaces for employees and ensure that no serious harm comes to them. Agriculture has many regulations because of heavy machinery and chemicals. Florida is also home to several biotech companies as well as aeronautics companies and electronics manufacturers.

The intent of OSHA is to ensure safety standards for the safety of employees. However, many employers are already overburdened by government regulations. The added weight of fines and the cost of compliance can put a serious financial drag on your business. It can also threaten your ability to bid on government contracts.

Our attorneys partner with you, both in defense and in proactive methods of compliance, to reduce fines and the goal of having citations withdrawn. We assemble all evidence and documentation, attend all meetings and hearings, and keep you on track to meet deadlines. We have experience in many of Florida's industries and can help you rectify the problem, as well as put policies in place to ensure it never happens again.

Keep Your Company Running Safe and Strong

Call our office in Dallas, Texas, or send us an email to schedule your confidential consultation regarding OSHA defense in Florida. Our firm offers reasonable fees and retainers to help employers who cannot afford full-time in-house counsel.

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