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Oil, Gas and Mineral Law

Let Us Help You With Your Legal Needs Involving Oil, Gas and Minerals.

Are you buying or selling an energy company or oil and gas properties? If so, our attorneys have extensive experience with both the corporate and business side of these transactions, as well as the transfer of oil and gas assets.

Are you a mineral owner dealing with a company that wants to lease your minerals or purchase them?
Are you concerned about how drilling will adversely affect your land?
Is someone trying to put a pipeline across your property?

In these situations we can help negotiate the transaction, advise you as to your rights and the terms of your documentation, and work with you so as to best protect your assets, accomplish your goals, and maximize your value.

Are you involved in a dispute concerning oil and gas properties and issues? Not only do we have oil and gas expertise, but we have experienced litigation counsel if they are needed.

Our array of legal services includes:

  • Purchase and sale of oil and gas properties, including minerals and working interest.
  • Title due diligence regarding the purchase and sale of oil and gas properties and companies.
  • Title due diligence for lenders with energy company borrowers.
  • Representing independent oil and gas producers and industry professionals in a variety of areas including land, title and operational matters.
  • Representing landowners leasing minerals in shale plays and elsewhere.
  • Representing landowners in the negotiation of pipeline rights-of-way and geophysical exploration (seismic) permits.
  • Title-related matters involving estates and probate.

Oil, gas and mineral law is a unique practice area and we take pride in assisting clients whether they are sophisticated oil and gas companies, or inexperienced mineral owners.

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