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New Business Checklist

Preparing to open a restaurant, build a manufacturing facility or organize a service providing business in Dallas or elsewhere in Texas can be an exciting venture. Texas is experiencing growth in many segments of the economy. Wherever your business will fit in the grand scheme of things, you are wise to seek legal guidance as early in the process as possible.

There are many legal issues to consider as you launch your new business in Texas or other nearby states. Adhering to government requirements is essential, as is planning to avoid disputes and litigation. Key Harrington Barnes PC has years of experience guiding new businesses to positions of strength and success from the very beginning. We will gladly sit down with you to compile a customized checklist that will provide a roadmap to a healthy start for your business.

Depending on the size and nature of your business, your checklist may include the following:

  1. Startup issues
  2. Financing matters
  3. Building and location issues related to a home business, a commercial lease, a building purchase or a site construction plan
  4. Protocols for product review and / or service parameters
  5. Tax matters
  6. Marketing plans
  7. Employment law matters, including hiring, payroll, benefits, potential for allegations of discrimination, procedures in case of worker injuries, training, employee manuals, wage and hour issues, workplace safety issues, Obamacare employer mandate requirements and more
  8. Operations: Daily, monthly, seasonal and annual procedures and benchmarks

Lawyers at Key Harrington Barnes PC can guide you through a manageable approach to all essential items on your startup checklist. Our years of experience helping other businesses can be put to your advantage.

Get a Customized Checklist for Your new or Growing Business in Texas

Many aspects of a well-run business apply to any business. Others have to do with unique aspects of a given business. Does your company deal in imports or exports? Do you plan to intentionally hire disabled workers? Will your company be involved in any unusual commercial lease or office building construction projects? Will you do business with state or federal government agencies as customers? Answers to these or other questions can help develop a custom-designed checklist of legal issues relevant to your particular business.

Phone our Dallas law offices at (214) 615-7925 or send an email to schedule a consultation with a Texas employment law attorney at Key Harrington Barnes PC.

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