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Internal Investigations

Protect Your Company by Letting Our Dallas Lawyers Conduct a Third-Party Internal Investigation

Employee claims of discrimination or harassment require an internal investigation. While it may be possible to have your human resources (HR) department or general counsel handle the investigation, it may also be more advantageous to have the investigation conducted by a neutral third party to avoid potential conflicts of interest. Our Dallas attorneys conduct internal investigations for companies throughout Texas.

Key Harrington Barnes PC has extensive experience in conducting internal investigations in a variety of areas. Our attorneys are professional, discreet and thorough in their work. They provide detailed reports for all parties involved and ensure that your company is taking the appropriate steps in answering the employee's claim. Our firm has been assisting employers with employment law issues for 20 years, and we have an excellent track record of offering quality representation and value to our clients.

Why Should I Bring an Outside Party Into an Internal Investigation?

If a high-level executive is the target of the investigation or if your HR department or in-house counsel is in any way involved with the complaint, hiring a third-party investigator shows that you are taking the accusation seriously. It also shows that you are not prejudging the situation and are protecting the rights of both people involved.

Our lawyers maintain confidentiality and integrity as they conduct their investigations in accordance with your internal policies and procedures, as well as with state and federal requirements. They follow best employment practices, minimizing your potential legal liability. At the conclusion of the investigation, they submit a full report, including proper documentation, factual evidence regarding each party's behavior and any recommended disciplinary or remedial measures.

Discrimination and harassment claims rarely occur in a vacuum. If we find problems that could result in litigation, we provide solutions that your company can implement to prevent these issues from occurring again.

We Ensure Impartiality on Your Part

Our attorneys will help you resolve difficult internal issues by acting as a neutral party. Call us at (214) 615-7925 or send us an email to schedule your confidential consultation regarding internal investigations. Our firm offers reasonable fees and retainers to help employers who cannot afford full-time in-house counsel.

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