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Hiring Employees

Advising Employers on Hiring Decisions

There are few decisions more important for a business than hiring. Choose the right employee and help your business succeed. Make the wrong decision and create a costly distraction.

The attorneys of Key Harrington Barnes PC regularly represent employers in employment litigation such as disciplinary actions and termination. However, we would rather help you hire and retain the best employees. Based in Dallas, we advise employers of all sizes throughout Texas in hiring and other employment matters.

Making Smart Hiring Decisions

The most common mistake employers make when hiring is failing to check employee references. A resume provides a one-sided view of the applicant at best. While a college transcript can tell you how well the applicant did in school, performance in an academic setting doesn't always carry over into the workplace. The only way to find out how an employee did at a previous job is to check references.

One roadblock is that most employers, by policy, only verify dates of employment and the position your job applicant held. To find out how he or she performed in the previous position, you will need to put the ball in the job applicant's court.

Tell the applicant that you need to reach out to his or her last supervisor. Ask the applicant to tell the previous supervisor you will be calling and to provide frank and honest feedback. If you are unable to talk to the previous supervisor, tell the applicant that he or she will be at a disadvantage compared to the other applicants. In most cases, the applicant's previous supervisor will agree to talk to you.

Our attorneys are prepared to advise you on all issues relating to hiring new employees, including drafting restrictive covenants such as noncompete agreements.

For Help in Making Hiring Decisions

For legal advice in all phases of the employment relationship, call our Dallas lawyers at (214) 615-7925 or send us an email using our contact form.

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