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Government Agency Investigations

Texas employers from time to time find themselves facing critical investigations by state and federal government agencies such as:

Know Your Rights

If you are a business owner or manager in Texas and have received communications or visits from representatives of government agencies such as these, Key Harrington Barnes PC in Dallas would like you to know your rights. Specifically, we remind employers that in the case of an investigation:

  • Employers have the right to control the time and manner of an investigation.
  • Employers have the right to contact an attorney before submitting to questioning.
Government Agency Representatives Often try to Make Headway Through Intimidation. Do not let Them do That!

Government agency representatives often attempt to intimidate employers with threats and menacing demeanor. Do not be surprised if government investigators make statements such as:

  • "If you do not comply right now, such-and-such bad thing may happen."
  • "You don't need a lawyer unless you have something to hide."
  • "If you contact an attorney, this investigation will become much more stringent and difficult."

Do not submit to pressure tactics such as these. Once our employment law attorneys are on board, government investigators know full well that we will act as necessary to protect our clients' rights in the face of an investigation.

Have a Plan

Therefore, we urge employers to politely but firmly inform investigators that, "My lawyer has told me I need to contact him," and then do so immediately before continuing in conversations.

Better yet, consult with an attorney at Key Harrington Barnes PC before any such investigation begins — before a wage and hour audit or any other government-related concern — and create a plan ahead of time. Inform receptionists and assistants of how to respond if a government agency representative attempts to initiate an investigation. The less said, the better in cases like these, until your attorney is present.

Contact a Dallas Employment Law Attorney to Discuss Government Investigations

Be ready to act promptly in case a government investigator arrives at the door of your business. Do not respond to letters or phone calls without consulting a lawyer at Key Harrington Barnes PC. Call (214) 615-7925 or submit an intake form to schedule a consultation.

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