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Florida Union Avoidance

Have Our Attorneys Conduct a Union Avoidance Campaign to Prevent Labor Unions From Taking Over Your Florida Business

Florida's tourism industry is ripe for unionization. Disgruntled employees welcome labor union organizers into their midst when working conditions are bad and wages are low. Unfortunately a labor union will only make things worse for everyone involved. You do not have to let union organizers take over your business. Educate your employees about the harm labor unions can cause by retaining our lawyers to conduct a union avoidance campaign for your Florida business.

Key Harrington Barnes PC is dedicated to helping employers establish productive work environments where their employees can thrive and their businesses can grow. We know labor unions stand in the way of this goal, and we are experienced in preventing union elections all over the country. As of 2014, our record of successful union avoidance campaigns is 99 out of 100. We collaborate with a national network of employment law firms to ensure that your campaign abides by state and local laws so there can be no accusations of foul play by union organizers.

Taking Control Away From Labor Unions

Unions thrive where employees are unhappy. Our union avoidance strategy is twofold. First, we educate your employees about what labor unions really do and how unionization can harm both them and your business. Then we search for the problem that allowed the labor unions to gain a foothold in the first place and help you find solutions that will satisfy your employees and return them to the happy productive workforce you want. By providing a stable, enjoyable work experience, you prevent union organizers from recruiting your workers in the future.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in union avoidance campaigns and employee relations for these and many other tourism-related industries:

  • Cruise ship workers
  • Dock workers
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment
  • Hotel workers
Benefit Everyone but the Labor Unions

Contact our office in Dallas, Texas, to schedule your confidential consultation regarding a union avoidance campaign for your Florida business. Our firm offers reasonable fees and retainers to help employers who cannot afford full-time in-house counsel.

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This multinational employer with over 20 manufacturing and printing plants has looked to Stephen C. Key as its labor attorney for nearly 15 years. Richard Maresh
This leader in the fast-paced trade show industry has relied on Stephen for labor counsel for over 10 years. Randy considers Stephen an "extension of our management team." Randy Pekowski
DAC Vision is a small, North Texas company engaged in manufacturing optical products. It has looked to Stephen C. Key for labor counsel for over 10 years Jane Seaholm
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