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Employment Litigation

In most areas of our law practice, we serve employers who own small to medium-sized businesses. They most often come to us looking for legal protection through proactive counsel and representation. They rely on us to advise them and help them avoid legal problems related to employee relations, in interactions with government agencies and in connection with union activity.

Preventing litigation is the best course of action whenever possible. Many of our employer clients employ us on a monthly retainer basis for that very purpose, and they have expressed great satisfaction with our ability to help them prevent lawsuits and respond appropriately to complaints and challenges.

Litigation cannot always be avoided, however. Some conflicts do develop into court cases. Key Harrington Barnes PC represents clients acting as plaintiffs or defendants in conflicts involving:

Often, our clients are on the defense as employees file claims against them or as government agencies conduct investigations into their internal operations. For example, employers may be named in discrimination claims before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) or may be accused of wage and hour law transgressions in violation of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Key Harrington Barnes PC often succeeds in heading off lawsuits. We will also aggressively defend our clients in an administrative hearing or at trial when that becomes necessary.

Sometimes the employer is the one bringing a complaint in a legal dispute over a noncompete agreement. We represent employers acting as plaintiffs as well as employers who are targeted in sexual harassment or disability lawsuits. Our experience and track record of successful outcomes on behalf of both plaintiffs and defendants speaks for itself.

Contact a Dallas Employer Defense Attorney

We invite you to schedule a confidential consultation with a lawyer in our law offices. Learn how our experienced employment law attorneys can represent you as you grapple with the plaintiff's side or the defendant's side of an employment litigation concern. Please call us at (214) 615-7925 or fill out our intake form to arrange for a meeting with a Texas employment litigation attorney.

Client Reviews
This multinational employer with over 20 manufacturing and printing plants has looked to Stephen C. Key as its labor attorney for nearly 15 years. Richard Maresh
This leader in the fast-paced trade show industry has relied on Stephen for labor counsel for over 10 years. Randy considers Stephen an "extension of our management team." Randy Pekowski
DAC Vision is a small, North Texas company engaged in manufacturing optical products. It has looked to Stephen C. Key for labor counsel for over 10 years Jane Seaholm
As a business owner, Andy has used many different law firms over the years, but he has "never found one that even came close to Key Harrington Barnes PC." Andy Andreas