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Employee Policy Manuals

Need To Create Employee Policy Manuals?

New business owners often inquire with attorneys at Key Harrington Barnes PC on the topic of policy manuals to give to employees. They want to protect themselves at the same time that they inform employees of their rights and responsibilities. They want a document to use as a springboard for training and discipline. They believe employees should have written instructions on how to report injuries, request paid time off and protect confidential company information.

All of these seem like good goals for business managers. However, in the early days of a business, procedures and protocols tend to be in flux. Inscribing policies in stone, so to speak, may not be in the best interests of an employer or employees, especially as variations from planned procedures may be commonplace for a new business.

So when and how should employee policies be communicated and managed? Key Harrington Barnes PC has advised many businesses in smart ways to manage dispersal of information to employees. Recommended methods may need to stay flexible, to be able to morph in sync with various stages of a typical business's lifecycle:

  • The entrepreneurial stage, when partners and employees are working together enthusiastically for common goals
  • The growth stage as a company has perhaps 15 to 20 employees and individual workers may begin to complain about perceived unfairness
  • The establishment stage with 50 employees or more, when management must become more institutional

We help employers avoid the potential for publishing and distributing employment manuals that are not adhered to or enforced. Doing this can ultimately lead to disaster for an employer. We also keep our clients' bottom lines in mind in every aspect of our law practice. In practical terms, this often means that:

  • We warn entrepreneurs of the dangers of using "fill-in-the-blank do-it-yourself" employment manuals taken from Internet sites.
  • We understand that a fledgling company often cannot afford to pay tens of thousands of dollars for creation of an employee policy manual.
  • We advise clients on how to create their own, customized employee manuals to submit for our review and revision at affordable rates.
Contact a Dallas Employer Law Firm Before Giving Your Employees a Policy Manual

We invite you to schedule a confidential consultation with a lawyer in our law offices. Learn how our experienced employment law attorneys can help you prevent disputes and legal challenges related to employee policy manuals. Call our law offices at (214) 615-7925 or complete and submit an intake form to schedule a consultation with a Texas attorney.

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