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Client Reviews

Richard Maresh, Director of Human Resources, Ennis, Inc

Ennis, Inc
This multinational employer with over 20 manufacturing and printing plants has looked to Stephen C. Key as its labor attorney for nearly 15 years.

Tom McCabe, CEO, KMA Direct Communications

KMA Direct Communications
KMA provides direct marketing, fundraising and media services to nonprofits and ministries worldwide. KMA has been a client for six years and a retainer client for three.

Randy Pekowski, Vice President and CEO, The Expo Group

The Expo Group
This leader in the fast-paced trade show industry has relied on Stephen for labor counsel for over 10 years. Randy considers Stephen an "extension of our management team."

Tony Beshara, CEO, Babich & Assoc.

Babich & Assoc
Founded in 1952, Babich is the oldest and most successful recruiting agency in Texas. When the Department of Labor showed up at his door, Tony called the Key Firm. Hear what Tony has to say about his experience.

Ted Olea, Human Resources Director, Alstyle Apparel

tyle Apparel
Alstyle Apparel is a clothing manufacturing company with facilities in California, Illinois and Mexico. Hear what Ted has to say about Stephen C. Key.

Hanna Sahliyeh, CEO, SEI Meetings & Incentives

SEI Meetings & Incentives
A client for over 10 years, SEI is a leader in the design and operation of corporate incentive programs and meetings. Hanna says "I wouldn't trust my company to anyone else."

Brenda Haupt, Vice President, Globe Products

Globe Products
This small employer is a multigeneration family-owned manufacturing business in North Texas. It has been a client for 12 years.

Jane Seaholm, Human Resources Manager, DAC Vision

DAC Vision
DAC Vision is a small, North Texas company engaged in manufacturing optical products. It has looked to Stephen C. Key for labor counsel for over 10 years.

Andy Andreas, CEO, Jubilee Home Solutions
As a business owner, Andy has used many different law firms over the years, but he has "never found one that even came close to Key Harrington Barnes PC."

What Other Attorneys Are Saying

Jim Karger, Labor Attorney, Credibly Connect

Credibly Connect
Before retiring from the active practice of law to pursue his passions for writing, speaking and training, Jim was one of the most accomplished labor attorneys in the country. Jim trusts his clients to Key Harrington Barnes PC.

Jason Choe, Partner, Choe Walker, Attorneys at Law Jason represents North Texas businesses. When his clients need labor expertise, Jason calls Stephen. Listen to Jason talk of the feedback he has received from clients he referred to Key Harrington Barnes PC.