Ways to help small businesses succeed

Entrepreneurs in Texas and across the country face a variety of hurdles as they try to succeed. However, there are several guidelines that could potentially increase their chances for success.

At the outset, they should begin small and focus on one basic product and the specific group of people who will want to purchase the product. Many small business owners fail because they try to sell too many products. Entrepreneurs who wish to sell a variety of other products may do better by waiting until the business is producing a solid and consistent flow of income. It can be costly, time-consuming and complicated to find a market for a new product or service.

Entrepreneurs should also advertise their new business in a way that will attract customers. Because today’s society is a fast-paced one, people are attracted to concise ads, pamphlets and newsletters full of pictures.

Creating a business plan is another important rule towards ensuring the success of a small business. The plan can be a basic outline addressing the entrepreneur’s business structure, marketing strategy and financial goals. In addition, entrepreneurs should double the amount of money and time they plan on investing into their endeavor, whether it is marketing a new product, starting a business or building a website. By doing so, they can be better prepared if things do not go as they expected.

Those starting a business venture might consult an experienced business law attorney who could assist with the forming and planning of the business. The attorney could explain the differences between the various business entities such as partnerships, limited liability companies, sole proprietorships and corporations and offer advice about the one that would be the best fit.

Source: USA Today, “Strategies: 10 rules for small business success”, Rhonda Abrams, Jan. 15, 2016

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