Strategic planning for growth

Texas business owners are mostly familiar with the fact that completing a business plan is important when forming a new company. Some, however, make the mistake of not revisiting the plan or not conducting annual planning to devise ways to increase revenue. With a strategic approach, however, it is possible to plan for and achieve annual revenue growth for a business.

Business owners who are wanting to increase the revenue of their company should conduct yearly revenue planning earlier rather than later. Rather than waiting until December, it is best for businesses that are on a calendar year reporting basis to complete their growth plans during the third business quarter, since the company can then have everything in place to hit the ground running when January comes.

Businesses should also diversify their revenue streams, as an over-reliance on one income source can be fatal, especially if that source dries up. By developing multiple streams, the others can help make up for any single one that disappears. It is also a good idea to plan to achieve a greater overall revenue than the company’s bottom-line goal, as doing so may enable the business to not only meet its goal, but to possibly exceed it. Rewarding the key personnel involved in growing the revenue of the business is important, as rewards serve as an incentive for continued innovation and effort.

Entrepreneurs who are going through the process of business formation and planning should think beyond the present and look to the future, planning for revenue growth and business expansion from the start. Many small business owners may benefit by seeking the assistance of legal counsel. An attorney may have a better idea of particular strategies the business owner might employ that could potentially help the company to achieve success and grow.

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