Insight from HR leaders crucial for business strategy

Business owners in Texas can gain a lot of valuable information by listening to staff in the human resources department. Because HR leaders are involved in recruiting and retaining employees, they have an in-depth understanding of what a company needs to do to compete for skilled talent. When company executives are strategizing about improving their bottom line, they would be wise to include HR leaders in the conversation.

In July, CareerBuilder surveyed 88 CEOs of companies that earn $50 million or more in revenue. Nearly two-thirds of the CEOs said that input from HR leaders is more important to them than it ever was before. More than 70 percent of the CEOs said that their business strategies were influenced by data that they had gathered from speaking with HR leaders.

HR leaders can provide valuable insight about where skill gaps exist in a company, how workers can become more efficient and how a company can save money on recruiting. When recruiting strategies are inefficient, companies can lose a lot of money through high turnover. Employees who aren’t engaged at work or don’t have the necessary skills or training to do the job right can also end up costing an organization. With advice from HR leaders, a business owner can implement strategies for recruiting qualified employees and keeping them.

When a company is just starting out, each staff member will be an integral part of the company’s foundation. That is why recruiting qualified talent for a startup company can be especially important. A business attorney may be able to offer valuable insight and advice to budding entrepreneurs to help them develop a solid business plan and gain an advantage in the marketplace.

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