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Employers must use caution when terminating an employee to protect against a wrongful termination claim. A single line in an internal email is all it takes to lose a claim, as demonstrated by a recent FMLA retaliation case.

Poor Performance Vs. Retaliation

As discussed in an article from the Society for Human Resource Management, the employer in question did its due diligence in many ways. The employer issued a series of warnings documenting the employee’s poor performance.

The greatest business plan in the world is worthless without positive employees who are willing to put in the work necessary to move the business forward.

All too often, businesses built on sound ideas crumble because of a failure to create a positive relationship with employees. Instead, they fall prey to unmotivated employees, workplace unrest or lawsuits from employees who claim they were mistreated.

Thankfully, creating a positive work environment is not as difficult as it may seem.

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