Can Unionization Be Avoided?

Business owners often have strong feelings about unions. Sooner or later, many of them will have to confront the possibility of their workforce unionizing. When faced with a union organizing drive, some simply accept it and hope that they will be able to continue running a successful business. Others feel that having a unionized workforce could hurt them.

Businesses that want to avoid unionization have a challenge in front of them. However, unionization may be prevented or at least forestalled if the proper steps are taken.

This Is About Worker Satisfaction

At the heart of union organizing drives is often a dissatisfied workforce that believes, or is led to believe by a union, that becoming unionized will make them happier. Perhaps they believe that they are not being treated fairly, not being paid sufficiently or being put at risk. The union will tell them that unionization can make it better.

So a critical element of union avoidance is ensuring a satisfied workforce. This may take work. It may take new training, new tools and new materials. It may take some heavy lifting on the part of business owners, managers, supervisors and voting employees.

With the help of an attorney who focuses on union avoidance and has a track record of success keeping workplaces union-free, it is possible to overhaul a business’s systems and environment. Not only may this prevent any current unionization attempts, it may immunize a business from future attempts as well.

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