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December 2017 Archives

What Do Employers Need To Know About The TCPA?

When it comes to changing laws, employers need to be very diligent. One of the laws that could be an issue, and that could have a surprising impact on employers, is the TCPA (Texas Citizens Participation Act). This law is something that many employers aren't prepared for, and one that they potentially won't understand the effects of without some research. That can lead them into problems with the new law if they aren't clear on what they need to be doing, what kinds of changes are being created, and how those changes specifically impact them and their employer/employee needs.

Will The Republican Tax Plan Benefit Businesses?

The Republican tax bill recently passed by the Senate has proven to be the subject of substantial debate. Business owners in particular are wondering how this will affect them. Supporters of the tax bill claim that it will provide a boost for businesses, while opponents say it will only benefit the wealthiest, biggest corporations.