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How to succeed with a small business

Texas small business owners are usually a highly motivated group of people willing to put a lot of time and energy into their companies. Although they may have the willingness to do what it takes to succeed, most end up failing in just a short time. In fact, approximately 80 percent of small businesses close their doors for good within 18 months of launching.

Google accused of stealing technology for balloon project

Texas residents may have seen reports about the white air balloons that Google has been launching above remote areas of the world to provide those areas with Internet service. Google's Project Loon launched its first air balloons in 2013 and the company has flown them over Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. Now, a company called Space Data is claiming that Project Loon was created using stolen trade secrets.

Data, business intelligence and business planning

Companies in Texas and throughout the country have access to more data than ever before. While this data can be a boon to managers and owners, it can also be overwhelming. However, companies can harness business intelligence for their own purposes in developing a solid business plan.

Prudent financial planning can help new businesses survive

Texas residents who are thinking about starting a business of their own are sometimes hesitant to walk away from a steady paycheck. Even the most successful entrepreneurs have been known to struggle during times of economic upheaval, but prudent planning and clearly defined goals may help the owners of fledgling businesses to weather the storm and cope when revenues dip and bills begin to pile up.

How to build a successful business

While there are more than 20 million business start-ups in Texas and throughout the country, building a successful one requires smart planning and strategizing. While most business operators expect to make more money in 2016, many of them will fail because they lacked resources, a strong business plan and knowledge. Here are a few strategies that could help business owners avoid failure and gain success.