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March 2016 Archives

Business plans should incorporate detailed, long-term outlooks

Texans who create their own companies can't just consider their short-term goals. They also need to think about the future and plan for what they might do after reaching important milestones. Knowing the specific actions needed to attain one's entrepreneurial objectives and making gradual process may be more doable than simply taking a leap of faith on a potentially-uncertain venture.

CBS, Paramount list copyright violations of fan-made film

Texas sci-fi fans may have heard that CBS and Paramount have filed an amended complaint to their copyright infringement lawsuit against Axanar Productions, which is producing a fanfiction "Star Trek" film. The lawsuit was originally filed in December.

Keeping IP safe in Texas

Companies that are seeking investment generally have better odds of receiving funding if they have protected their intellectual property. Intellectual property is either the product idea itself or any proprietary knowledge in creating or marketing the product. Businesses have many options when it comes to protecting IP such as asking for a non-disclosure agreement or assignment of IP to the company.

Data protection issues for Texas companies

While a data loss for an individual can be frustrating, it can be even more damaging for a company. Along with financial documents, a Texas business that has a hard drive failure or database crash may lose customer information and employee records. If there are not duplicates of this information, it could be damaging enough that a company has to shut down.

Texan businesses advised to up their SEO prowess

With some surveys suggesting that almost two thirds of small companies are committed to becoming more SEO-conscious by 2017, advisers say they ought to learn more about the principles of digital marketing. In addition, these companies may find it necessary to solicit outside help so that they can capitalize on multiple marketing techniques. Search engine optimization users need to diversify their marketing techniques to improve their brand's effectiveness on their own sites as well as in other venues such as social media.