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February 2016 Archives

USA ranked as world's best for IP protection

Entrepreneurs in Texas may be pleased to learn that the United States has been selected as the country with the best environment for intellectual property. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce compares the world's major economies on factors such as the safeguarding of trade secrets and the protection of copyrights and patents, and they produce an International IP Index every year. The 2016 index was published on Feb. 10, and Britain, Germany, France and Sweden joined the United States to round out the top five nations.

Dangers of growing a business too quickly

Many people start new businesses in Texas every year hoping that their plan will be wildly successful. When estimating growth projections, entrepreneurs may believe that their company will grow at a faster rate than it probably will. It is tempting to pour all investments into expanding quickly, but this puts the business at risk of serious losses if the projections do not pan out the way the business owner had hoped they would.

Intellectual property disputes with independent contractors

Entrepreneurs in Texas will likely associate protecting intellectual property with copyrights, patents and trademarks, but the contracts signed by workers and contractors can also be used to prevent the unauthorized use of formulas, designs, slogans and logos. While business owners frequently place non-compete clauses in their employment contracts to discourage workers from revealing proprietary information and trade secrets, they often fail to take similar precautions when entering into agreements with independent contractors.