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December 2015 Archives

Heirs of Abbott and Costello allege copyright infringement

Texas residents may be familiar with the classic comedy sketch 'Who's On First?" that was famously performed by comedy duo Abbott and Costello. Decades after the sketch was performed in vaudeville theaters and featured in two Hollywood movies, the heirs of Abbott and Costello filed a copyright infringement lawsuit. According to the heirs, a Broadway play called 'Hand of God" used pieces of the sketch without permission.

Tax planning should carry greater weight in small businesses

Small businesses can face big tax bills because of poor planning, and Texas business owners should consider improving their planning to reduce their obligations to the IRS. Paying taxes is typically handled throughout the year, which means that planning should also be managed in this manner. Many small business owners face higher tax bills than necessary because they wait until the next filing to make the necessary calculations. Forward thinking can provide time to make deliberate financial decisions that will minimize the final tally.

Growth and cost benefits for Texas franchisors

Franchising is a business model that offers many opportunities for some Texas entrepreneurs, including risk reduction, motivated management, capital and a high growth rate. Capital is the biggest barrier for small businesses, and franchising allows business owners to expand their presence without investing significant equity and incurring the risk of debt. Since franchisees take responsibility for the lease and multiple contracts, the franchisor faces greatly reduced risks with a much lower capital investment.

Antitrust laws in Texas

A capitalist market must be competitive and free if it is to thrive and grow, and consumers in Texas are protected from the unfair practices of monopolies and cartels by both federal and state laws. These laws are usually referred to as antitrust laws as they were passed to curb the anti-competitive business practices of large corporations called trusts. Trusts usually lack serious competition, and this is rarely good for consumers or the economy.

Improving Google rankings for small businesses

Achieving a high ranking on Google is important for small business owners in Texas, especially those that are dealing mainly in e-commerce. When a company's website ranks high on Google searches, more customers will find it, and the business will be more likely to get sales.