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How intellectual property law has evolved

Texas residents may be surprised to learn that intellectual property law dates back to 1623. That was the year that the British Parliament voted on the Statute of Monopolies, which granted the inventor of new devices and technologies sole control over their design and production. The passing centuries have seen intellectual property rights evolve to become a highly specialized and complex area of the law, and the information age has made protecting intellectual property crucial for modern companies. Infringement of these rights, both domestically and internationally, costs businesses and the economy billions of dollars every year.

Writing an effective business plan

Texas residents thinking about starting a new venture likely know that 80 percent of new businesses fail within their first two years of operation. While some of these businesses do not survive due to unforeseen circumstances, many others would have had at least a fighting chance if their owners had taken the time to put together a comprehensive business plan. Having a thorough business plan can also make it easier to secure financing.

Business succession planning without age discrimination

Texas employers know that one important part of business planning is planning for succession, but it is also necessary for employers to walk a fine line between making plans around an employee's retirement without being discriminatory toward that employee due to age. Exceptions are if the employee is an executive or age is related to job performance. An employer can discuss retirement prospects with an employee, but the employer must not intimidate the employee in any way.

Developing a successful business in Texas

Around the world, there are about 130,000 startups launched every day, according to a leading entrepreneurship researcher. However, about 120,000 businesses cease operations each day as well, so there is a high failure rate as well. Starting and maintaining a business can be difficult, but there are a few things that prospective Texas entrepreneurs can do to increase their chances for success.