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June 2015 Archives

The importance of a talent acquisition plan in Texas

Businesses have always focused on customer relationships, and the last few years have seen an even greater push towards relationship management. This has normally been by using customer relationship management, or CRM, tools to help track customer interactions and ensure problems are resolved. However, talent acquisition is something that is still being managed by old and often outdated systems.

American Well files patent lawsuit against Teladoc

American Well, a telehealth company, filed a lawsuit on June 8 against its rival Teladoc, which has a corporate office in Texas, claiming that the company infringed upon its patent on technology that links telehealth service providers with consumers. A co-founder of American Well has held the patent since 2009.

Class action lawsuit against Sirius XM to go forward

Texas music fans may be interested to learn that on May 27, a judge ruled that a class action lawsuit against the satellite radio company Sirius XM could go forward. The lawsuit deals with songs recorded prior to Feb. 15, 1972 that Sirius XM has not paid royalties for because those songs are not protected under existing federal copyright laws.