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Effective succession planning in Texas

There are several reasons why someone would leave a company, and business owners need to plan for the day when its owners may no longer control it. A company's owners may leave due to death, illness or retirement in addition to various other voluntary or involuntary departures from the company. Although it may be impossible to predict when and why key members of the organization may leave, it is never too early to start planning for that eventuality.

Establishing and protecting intellectual property rights

Texas football fans might remember InVinceable, which was trademarked during the college career of quarterback Vince Young. It is an example of a trademark arising from an image or phrase that suddenly becomes part of the public consciousness, in contrast to planned marks which are more common. Indeed, intellectual property rights often represent the combined efforts of business sales gurus and marketing personnel. In either case, they must be protected.

Life Alert sued for employment discrimination

Texas residents who are familiar with Life Alert products that are marketed to elderly consumers may be surprised to learn that the company is being sued for age discrimination and sexual harassment. On May 6, a former employee of Life Alert Emergency Response Inc filed a $7 million lawsuit after he claims he was fired for his age, cancer diagnosis and objections to sexual harassment.

The different types of business structures

There are numerous decisions that Texas entrepreneurs must make when they start businesses, and one vital decision is the legal structure. This decision affects the amount the individuals or companies owe on taxes and has an effect on how they are liable for the businesses debts.