Our Lawyers Can Help You Mount A Union Avoidance Campaign For Your Houston Business

Union organizers are targeting businesses in every industry. Labor unions have realized that they are being marginalized and are fighting back. If the union takes over your workforce, your business and your employees are at risk. You do not have to accept unionization of your workforce. Instead, educate your employees on the harm a union can do to their working conditions.

Stephen Key of Key Harrington Barnes PC has a track record of 99 successful union avoidance campaigns out of 100. He has more than 30 years of experience in fighting unionization and has prevented it for companies all over Texas and throughout the United States. Our firm is dedicated to helping employers run profitable businesses while providing employees with a workplace that allows them to thrive and the company to grow. Our attorneys can help you with your union avoidance campaign in Houston.

Preventing Unionization For Houston Companies

Union elections typically come about because employees are dissatisfied with working conditions. Our lawyers do more than just stop a union election. We educate your employees about the harm a union can cause and how the benefits the union organizers are promising may truly affect them in the long run. We also investigate the cause of the problem and help you find solutions to make your employees happy, avoiding the need for a union in the first place.

We have extensive experience dealing with labor unions focused on the following Houston-area industries:

  • Energy
  • Oil and gas
  • Shipping and maritime services
  • Oil refineries
  • Manufacturing

Benefit Your Workers By Keeping The Unions Out

Call our office in Dallas at 214-615-7925 or send us an email to schedule your confidential consultation regarding a union avoidance campaign for your Houston business. Our firm offers reasonable fees and retainers to help employers who cannot afford full-time in-house counsel.