Our Texas Lawyers Will Represent Your Company In Collective Bargaining Matters

There are many lawyers in Texas who represent employers. The vast majority of them do not become involved in union relations matters. Key Harrington Barnes PC is an exception to the rule. Our law firm has made a name for itself through representation of employers in collective bargaining and other union relations matters.

Our law firm is prepared to respond on behalf of employers who are being targeted in collective bargaining proposals. Our attorneys represent business owners when individual employees or groups of employees seek to be represented by a union regarding some working conditions.

Protect Your Company's Rights In Collective Bargaining

In the event that a union does win the right to collective bargaining versus an employer, that is our client, one of our attorneys can act as a spokesperson on behalf of such a company. The depth and breadth of our experience representing employers come to bear on every client's collective bargaining challenges. Our clients know that we will pull out all the stops in support of their rights in collective bargaining.

Contact A Texas Labor Union Negotiation Attorney

We invite you to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss how our experienced Dallas collective bargaining attorney can assist you in the face of union elections. Please call us at 214-615-7925 or fill out our intake form, and we will contact you.