Our Dallas Lawyers Will Enforce Your Noncompete Agreement To Protect Your Business

Noncompete agreements are increasingly at the heart of employment litigation in today's business climate. More employers are taking strong actions to protect their business interests. Likewise, many more employees look for every opportunity to survive and move ahead in a challenging job market. As a result of these competing forces, noncompete agreement disputes have become quite common.

Key Harrington Barnes PC drafts and defends noncompete agreements for employers in Texas. We know the language and requirements that will make your noncompete agreement enforceable in court. Our Dallas attorneys also have a strong track record of successful noncompete agreement litigation and are prepared to aggressively represent you as plaintiff or defendant.

Why Noncompete Agreements Are Important

Details differ but the heart of the matter is the same: Businesses want and need to protect their intellectual property. Employees may contend that the noncompete agreements they have signed or have been asked to sign are or were inherently unfair and overly restrictive. Furthermore, an employee may dispute an employer's claim that he or she violated a noncompete agreement. A correctly drafted noncompete agreement will hold up against these accusations.

As an employer, you have a right to file a lawsuit based on allegations of a violation of a noncompete agreement against your former employee and, in some situations, against that person's new employer. Our lawyers will advise you of your rights in these situations and help you protect your company's secrets.

Our firm handles lawsuits regarding:

  • Customer lists
  • Trade secrets
  • New businesses founded by former employees using your information
  • Employee theft
  • Misuse of proprietary information
  • Breach of fiduciary duty

Take A Breach Of Your Noncompete Agreement Seriously

Contact our law firm at 214-615-7925 or send us an email to schedule your confidential consultation regarding how you can defend your company's intellectual property. Our firm offers reasonable fees and retainers to help employers who cannot afford full-time in-house counsel.