Representing Your Business During An FLSA Audit Or Investigation

Few events can be more damaging to your business than a legal action over alleged violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act. While most companies make a good faith effort to comply with FLSA wage and hour laws, minor missteps can lead to costly penalties, class action lawsuits and plaintiff lawyer fees.

The attorneys of Key Harrington Barnes PC represent employers in FLSA audits and litigation. We also help companies perform self-audits and remedial actions to assure compliance with the law. Based in Dallas, we advise employers of all sizes throughout Texas in areas employee, union and governmental relations.

Why Is My Company Being Investigated?

Complaints to the Department of Labor (DOL) or the Texas Workforce Commission typically come from one of three sources:

  • A former or current employee
  • A labor union that wants to organize your workforce
  • A competitor that wants to give your company a black eye (and may be under investigation itself)

Complaints can be anonymous. Once it receives a complaint, the government may send an auditor to your door without warning. If a representative of the government shows up at your business, or you are served with a complaint, it's important to contact an attorney immediately. You should never let an investigator into your business without consulting one of our lawyers.

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What Violations Do I Need To Be Concerned About?

Violations of wage and hour laws can be extremely costly to your company. Mistakes amounting to a few pennies or dollars on an employee's paycheck can quickly become hundreds of thousands of dollars if it leads to a class action lawsuit. Here are some examples of common violations:

The cost of seeking legal advice concerning wage and hour laws is extremely small compared to the cost of an FLSA action.

Know What To Do If Your Company Is Audited

To avoid costly civil penalties and class action lawsuits resulting from an FLSA audit, call our Dallas lawyers at 214-615-7925 or send us an email using our contact form.