Wage And Hour Litigation

As tort reform has made plaintiff's litigation more difficult in many areas of the law, quite a few trial attorneys are turning to wage and hour litigation as a potentially lucrative area of focus. They apparently seek opportunities to expand into legal practice areas that they were not previously practicing in. Some employment law lawyers representing employees as plaintiffs have looked closely for reasons to sue employers — roaming in search of deep pockets, or so it seems.

One result has been a glut of employment law attorneys representing employees, bringing individual lawsuits as well as class action lawsuits against employers. Wage and hour violations have been an easy target for plaintiff attorneys in cases where employers made only minor mistakes in ensuring compliance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). Minor mistakes can add up to major damage awards.

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At Key Harrington Barnes PC, we have a healthy regard for employment laws, such as wage and hour regulations, that are designed to protect workers. However, our law firm has a mission to represent employers in legal disputes. Our law practice protects employers' right to due process. Our attorneys are prepared to advise employers who fear they may face wage and hour lawsuits. We represent employers who have been named in complaints, claims or a lawsuit in connection with unpaid overtime, missed meal breaks or other violations of the FLSA.

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In general, it is our observation that employers get a bad rap in today's working world. Our law firm aims to level the playing field as we work to protect employers from frivolous, exaggerated or unfounded lawsuits. We know from our contact with many employers that the vast majority are ordinary people who care about treating their employees right. Key Harrington Barnes PC is also a small-business employer. As such, our attorneys have a natural camaraderie and rapport with fellow small-business owners. To learn how our Texas law firm can partner with your business as you face pending or ongoing wage and hour individual lawsuits or class action litigation, call us at 214-615-7925 or fill out our intake form, and we will contact you.