Our Dallas Lawyers Can Help You Enforce Employee Discipline Properly So You Avoid Potential Lawsuits

It can be difficult for an employer to discipline an employee, especially if the employee is a member of a protected class. No employer wants to face the cost and distraction of a discrimination lawsuit. Unfortunately, there are situations when you need to discipline or fire an employee. You need to know your rights, the employee's rights and how to manage the situation appropriately so the employee has no cause to sue.

The attorneys of Key Harrington Barnes PC are dedicated to helping employers stand up for their rights and create profitable, smooth functioning workplaces where their employees can thrive. Our Dallas attorneys walk you through the employee discipline process so you can effectively solve the problem without violating Texas or federal laws. We know how delicate many of these situations can be, and we want you to be empowered to take disciplinary actions without fear of retribution.

Putting The Right Pieces In Place

We focus much of our practice on avoiding litigation before it occurs. Our lawyers evaluate your current processes to ensure that all of the appropriate documentation is in place. This is an area where most employers fall short.

Employers need to make a habit of writing discipline down so you have record of it. The documentation doesn't need to be extensive. For example, if the employee came in late, write down the name of the employee, the behavior you expected and what the employee did. Documenting the incident shouldn't take more than five minutes. Later, if the employee accuses you of discrimination in employee discipline or termination, you will have the evidence to back up your decision.

Our attorneys will help you understand your role in this process: what you can and cannot legally do, and how your actions affect you, your company and your other employees. We guide you and help you shore up your defenses so that if a former employee does decide to claim that your actions against him or her constitute discrimination, you are prepared. If a former employee does bring a lawsuit, our lawyers have extensive litigation and trial experience and will defend your company's right to appropriately discipline employees when it is necessary.

Protect Your Company From Disgruntled Former Employees Bringing Unfounded Lawsuits

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