Need To Conduct A Background Check?

When approaching the subject of background checks for potential employees or service providers doing business with our clients, we at Key Harrington Barnes PC place the highest priority on the core issue: protecting our clients, their employees and the general public from harm. Background checks are designed to help employers screen people who will represent the business or interact with customers, for the purpose of preventing assaults, fraud and other forms of wrongdoing that can mar the reputation and viability of a business.

Talk to a lawyer at Key Harrington Barnes PC about how to select, use and interpret results of background checks as you prepare to hire workers or contract for services for your business. Are you tempted to do business directly with a background checking service marketed on the Internet? Before you go that route, we urge you to consult with an experienced employment law attorney who can alert you to critical issues such as:

  • How can you be sure a background checking service will comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)? The federal government has been cracking down on violations of this set of laws designed to protect consumer information.
  • How can you be sure your selected background checking service will not infringe on regulations spelled out by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)?

Some aspects of background checks are straightforward. Others are more nuanced. Our established Texas employment law firm has a great deal of experience guiding business owners and managers through employment-related matters such as background checks. We are prepared to advise you on how to navigate the issues surrounding background checks for the safety of your employees and your customers alike.

Contact An Employment Law Firm In Dallas Before Conducting Background Checks

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