Our Skilled Defense Attorneys Help Houston Companies Accused Of OSHA Violations

Houston, Texas, has one of the busiest ports in the nation, as well as numerous oil and gas companies, construction companies and a large aeronautics industry. All of these businesses encounter OSHA-related issues on a regular basis. If your company is facing a citation for violation of OSHA regulations, you need a strong defense to prevent considerable fines and other potential damage to your business.

Key Harrington Barnes PC has some of the most experienced OSHA defense lawyers in Texas. We represent clients all over the state, including in Houston, who have been cited for OSHA violations or who have experienced accidents where violations are a concern. We know what your business is up against and what you stand to lose. We will protect your interests and vigorously defend against citations and claims of negligence. We can also help you prevent OSHA compliance issues like this from ever occurring again.

Keeping Your Company's Reputation Intact

If the government finds your business is out of compliance with OSHA regulations, you may lose the ability to bid on government contracts or gain a reputation for having an unsafe workplace. Both of these issues affect your bottom line.

Our attorneys thoroughly investigate the accusations against your company and gather the appropriate evidence, records and other paperwork. We handle all meetings, deadlines and court appearances on your behalf. We have extensive experience with issues related to the oil and gas industry, as well as maritime and shipyard issues, including:

  • Fires
  • Explosions
  • Spills
  • Air quality
  • Injuries in confined spaces

You cannot afford to allow government inspectors to run roughshod over your company. You have a right to hire a lawyer to defend your position. We will do everything we can to prevent substantial harm to your business from this citation.

Protect Your Company's Future

Call our office in Dallas at 214-615-7925 or contact us online to schedule a confidential consultation regarding OSHA defense in Houston. Our firm offers reasonable fees and retainers to help employers who cannot afford full-time in-house counsel.